The End is Near! Toy Wizards at the Dumpster Fire Vinyl Toy Launch Event

As long as Toy Wizards has been casting spells, the amazing adventure of local Los Angeles artist Truck Torrance of 100%soft and the illusive Dumpster Fire toy has been part of the site’s history. The original resin cast 2019 San Diego Comic-Con exclusive went viral, we got one to review, the toy was mass produced, and you can order one today for only $22 on Entertainment EarthWe received one and you can check out our review of the toy hereand I’d give it 5/5 stars. It was a great little toy.

To celebrate its launch to the rest of the world, a party was held at JapanLA, an adorable ‘Kawaii lifestyle’ store in Los Angeles’ downtown Little Tokyo area. The shop housed many a product by 100%soft, such as pins, patches, shirts, etc. featuring the little characters created by Truck Torrance. Specific to the event, the crew got amazing Dumpster Fire sugar cookies, a photo ops area, and an inflatable Dumpster Fire for the world to enjoy. Truly, the Dumpster Fire is the baby that made his daddy proud.

The turquoise vinyl toy was still on sale for $22, and a purple variant was on sale for $30. IE– very affordable for the small print run, size, and specialty (indie) market item. There were four gold versions that were raffle prizes and those were just gone by the time that line started to trickle in.

It was a really great event that had consistent lines and people excited to attend. Sure, it was exclusive to Downtown LA, but that’s still far more accessible than San Diego Comic-Con for most people! Truck Torrance met with fans, signed toys, and took pictures with attendees, which was really amazing to see. Overall, this was a super cool experience that we Toy Wizards were happy to be a part of.


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