Toy Wizards Review: 1000toys 1/6 TOA Heavy Industries G.I. Joe Snake Eyes

Toy Wizards would like to thank 1000toys for providing a review sample of the 1/6 scale Heavy Industries G.I. Joe Snake Eyes figure to review.

Sentinel 1000toys 1/6 TOA Heavy Industries Snake Eyes made two very special figures for San Diego Comic-Con 2016. Snake Eyes and Storm Shadow, G.I. Joe’s two most mortal enemies and closest friends. This review is of the Snake Eyes 1/6 scale figure. This figure uses 1000toys’ Synthetic Human body. These are hyper articulated boys. They have an incredible amounts of movement and elegance in the form. When one type of 1/6 scale body moves its arm, it only goes so far. These, however, move so much more.

I am always impressed by shoulders and neck movements that give such incredible life like poses. The amount of gear is very nice as well. The buckles that need attention was a little bit beyond what I normally like to mess with, but it fits the figure fine. With this superior base body you can give your figure the ninja-like poses it truly deserves. I have never had a 12 inch figure that moves and poses like this. This figure is literally a cyber ninja with Snake Eyes’ mind in the body. 

Beyond the amazing articulation and and incredible designing, this is a figure beyond the normal 1/6 scale military Joes you might have. I really like the double claws that attach to the forearms and the level of details on the armor. There are lots of tiny bits of damage on the armor. Not to mention gray panel lining on other bits.

The mask comes off to to expose the Synthetic Human body head underneath that has eyes that can be moved separately. This detail is true on both the 1/6 and smaller 1/18 scale figure bodies. There are multiple hands for the figure featuring closed, open, holding sword, and holding gun. The unique design and features make this a superior Snake Eyes. We even compared it to the Sideshow Exclusive version and it beats it hands down. The bad news as this is a older review item it is out of stock and only available on the secondary market. However there are lots of other Synthetic Human body figures out there, find the one that makes your collection complete. 

Official Product Images:

Item Description

Debuted at SDCC 2016 in July, 2016

G.I. JOE×TOA Heavy Industries

This is our first collaboration project with BAIT, the North American premium retailer for the West Coast region.

SNAKE EYES, the iconic ninja commando from the G.I. JOE series, is the first lineup from G.I. JOE×TOA Heavy Industries!

A project to resurrect an old-generation soldier using his DNA info has been requested to TOA Heavy Industries from the Arashikage Clan. After a successful DNA restoration close to 80%, the soldier was then resurrected using the Synthetic Human body with the restored DNA info. Even though the memory restoration was incomplete, the soldier became to successfully accomplish numerous covert missions on his own. And in the midst of a rescue mission for captured engineers, the soldier is ambushed by a mysterious white shadow…

approx.300 mm
Main Body / Sub-Machine Gun / Grenades(x2) / Ninja Blade with Sheath / 1 pair Open Hands / 2 pairs Weapon Holding Hands / Dagger / Dagger Grip / 1 pair Folding Claws

Retail Price $240.00

Available here at Tenacious Toys





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