Entertainment Earth Opens Presales on Vinyl ‘Dumpster Fire’ Toy by 100% Soft

Well if everything in the world doesn’t come full circle.

Picture it, Sicily 1923…

Just kidding, it was San Diego Comic Con 2019. A seemingly harmless little resin toy was discovered by Toy Wizard Scott when pre-coverage of SDCC toy exclusives began. And with said coverage of that little Dumpster Fire resin toy, thus unleashed a viral sensation, that resulted in literal hundreds of thousands of clicks on our site, and links from other websites that covered the toy itself. We even did two follow up articles about the piece, that’s how much of an earthquake this toy was.

You’re quite welcome, 100% Soft. Check out the Toy Wizards review of this resin Dumpster Fire below:

But from resin comes vinyl, in a new toy brought to consumers, on sale now at Entertainment Earth. Measuring the same dimensions as the original piece, this new toy is now made of vinyl (which is totally a preference for me, personally). This material swap not only makes it more of a traditional toy, but brings the price point down to only $22. You can preorder this bad boy today, and it will ship your way February 2020.


The wait is over, the Dumpster Fire vinyl figure is finally here! Is everything around you a waking nightmare? Celebrate with some kawaii trash, just like your life! Based on my Dumpster Fire GIF and pin. Approximately measures 3 1/2-inches length x 3 1/2-width x 2 3/4-inches height.

Can’t get enough dumpster fires? Don’t worry! Entertainment Earth has got you covered!


Also available from Entertainment Earth for only $12.74, Playmobil’s Dumpster Fire set has also gone on sale. Who knows what other Dumpster Fire toys are hiding out in the world! Make an army and catch them all!


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  1. […] Anyone who is a Toy Wizards reader knows the amazing history of this toy. What began as a resin cast San Diego Comic Con 2019 toy exclusive (limited to 50 pieces per day) exploded into a viral pop culture phenomenon. The extremely popular Dumpster Fire mascot, which had already been on pins and stickers over at 100% Soft, couldn’t match the glorious majesty of people wanting a toy that could hang out on their desks/shelves/everywhere because it’s awesome. […]

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