Toy Wizards Review: Dumpster Fire Vinyl Toy by 100% Soft

Toy Wizards would like to thank Entertainment Earth for providing a sample of the Dumpster Fire vinyl toy by 100% Soft. You can order your own today for $22. It will ship Spring 2020.

Anyone who is a Toy Wizards reader knows the amazing history of this toy. What began as a resin cast San Diego Comic Con 2019 toy exclusive (limited to 50 pieces per day) exploded into a viral pop culture phenomenon. The extremely popular Dumpster Fire mascot, which had already been on pins and stickers over at 100% Soft, couldn’t match the glorious majesty of people wanting a toy that could hang out on their desks/shelves/everywhere because it’s awesome.

I had the chance to review the original resin SDCC exclusive toy, and now I’m delighted to review the new vinyl version by 100% Soft’s owner Truck Torrance.

In terms of dimensions, the vinyl toy is the same size as its resin counterpart. But it is much lighter, of course, and far less expensive. The original cost $50 and this new version is only $22. Being mass produced, there’s a certain streamline to the design– the fire in the original very much looked like a separate casting but the fire on this one is bolted right in there. I love the gradient fire colors, and the fire is semi-transparent. The rest of the toy is matte, from the turquoise to the dark green eyes.

I love this toy –  from its history to its creation, it is such a fun object. I’m glad people that couldn’t make it to SDCC (or went and didn’t have a chance to get this super limited item) are able to snag one of their own (and not pay flippers $600 on eBay).

I give the Dumper Fire toy by 100% Soft 5/5 Wizards Stars.


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