Toy Fair 2023: Bandai Truly Brings More Fun For All

The Bandai Namco slogan is: “More Fun For All Into The Future,” and every aspect of that was on display at Toy Fair.

The Gunpla kits are my main artery into the Bandai world now that Hasbro is our main source of Power Rangers, and there were plenty of Gundam on display
But those model kits aren’t just for robots – our beloved pop culture characters are buildable, too!
And they do the Mandalorian right – all of his details are show accurate
Of course you can’t talk Bandai without talking anime, and Dragonball is a key property
These are additional available model kits for Dragonball characters
Both released and soon-to-be released items were on display
This Super Saiyan Son Goku will be available in January 2024
Other exciting anime properties will also get the spotlight in 2024
Ultraman is a personal favorite, and this figure is forthcoming from Bandai
I loved that these Tekken figures come with signs that say things like, “Round 1”
Here’s how those look unboxed
Back to Star Wars, it looks like Bandai will expand their Samurai crossover figures
Here is a new Darth Vader in that style, presumably from his fight in the Kenobi TV show
And what is Bandai without an epic Godzilla in the mix?
The colors really pop on these particular kits

Bandai occupied a huge swath of Toy Fair this year, and this is only a chunk of their offerings, but I believe it is the most relevant to our readership. Basically, expect expansions in anime, Star Wars, Gundam, and video game lines in 2024. All pieces speak to the high level of quality we have come to expect from Bandai.

Jonathan Alexandratos is an NYC-based toy writer. They study toys, pop culture, and the intersection of both.

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