Toy Fair 2023: The Loyal Subjects Debuts a Hot New Selection of Toys!

When I entered The Loyal Subjects’ booth at Toy Fair, I almost audibly exclaimed, “Finally!” While Toy Fair has been great, I sometimes have found myself sifting through toys that are already available in order to find one or two that are upcoming releases for me to preview. At The Loyal Subject, though, they were filled to the brim with never-before-seen reveals that connect to our favorite legacy properties. First up, Turtle Power!

With the vintage version of this toy selling for hundreds on the secondary market, this Krang with Android Body figure is a sure thing
This Android Body set will also come with a comic book

The Loyal Subjects has done great – and affordable! – work with their Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles line. In 2024, we’ll see the current selection grown with new additions any fan will recognize.

While versions of Krang and Casey Jones are out now, these likenesses are incoming offerings.

Here’s a close-up of Krang in his robo-chair

In addition to the cartoon stuff, The Loyal Subjects is also planning more IDW comic book figures.

The sculptor of these figures intentionally made the bodies unique so as to preserve the different sizes of each turtle. The comic really shines through in these toys! We’ll not only get the team, but two versions of Shredder as well!

This version will be a Walmart exclusive and will come with a “Shredder in Hell” comic book
And this one will be mass-release, sans comic book

My introduction to The Loyal Subjects was their minifigures, though, so seeing new TMNT figurines felt aligned with the brand’s history.

All of that is exciting, but The Loyal Subjects’ work beyond TMNT is just as cool. My favorite of those properties was their Rainbow Brite revival, which looks to be quite the well filled-out line:

The classic doll meets modernity with The Loyal Subjects multi-scaled line.

These dolls are novel in that they feature 29 points of articulation, as well as soft goods and rooted hair. They are due out in 2024.

They even included the animals of the Rainbow Brite universe!

Other nostalgic properties coming back in their original glory are the Teletubbies:

Finally, The Loyal Subjects has a full line of Strawberry Shortcake dolls planned for 2024 as well:

This classic plush will be available as a Cracker Barrel exclusive
This version will be available at mass retail

If you’re wondering whether The Loyal Subjects has preserved the scent feature on their Strawberry Shortcake products, my nose can confirm: they have.

I was especially excited to see The Loyal Subjects’ mini-playsets for this line
These figurines will be sold at Hot Topic and contain chase variants. Similar ones will exist for the company’s Rainbow Brite line as well

Also previewed, though not available for photography, were the company’s toys for Netflix’s The Dragon Prince. Expect a box set of 4-5 3.75-inch figures, plush toys, squishy dragons, and egg-hatching dragons.

Overall, The Loyal Subjects brought their A-game to Toy Fair. They showcased many properties that are definitely on my 2024 want list, from those comics-accurate TMNT figures, to Rainbow Brite, to a Strawberry Shortcake doll I need to go to a Cracker Barrel to get!

Jonathan Alexandratos is a NYC-based toy writer. They study toys, pop culture, and the intersection of both.

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