Toy Fair 2023: YuMe Offers Fun Pop Culture Blind Boxes for All

I don’t typically read about YuMe when scrolling through toy coverage, and that’s a shame. Having started out as a kids meal toy manufacturer, the brand has risen to prominence making pop culture blind boxes for myriad properties. Each blind box contains several unique features including water/heat rubs, trading cards, innovative display systems, hot chase figures, and huge ranges of properties. In fact, I’ve seen friends gush about these products, never knowing that they were from YuMe. So let’s fix that!

I got to play with some of these Stranger Things blind box figurines and they are FUN. In addition to cool accessories and quirky sculpts, those TVs are perfectly in-scale with 12-inch figures and dolls, so they have value even beyond the product itself.

This is how the water rub reveal feature works

Another of YuMe’s big licenses is Disney. Many fans are hunting these blind box capsules, in search of the chase silver Buzz Lightyear that is a rare find among an exciting set.

To infinity!
And beyond!

Outside of these licenses, YuMe also makes blind boxes for anime properties.

This anime has a loyal fanbase that is buying up these blind boxes
Clip-ons offer more variety even within the same property

These plus YuMe’s other innovations put them at the top of the toy game in my mind. At low price points, you really can’t beat the value for the quality of work you’re getting. Look for more of these in the coming year!

Jonathan Alexandratos is an NYC-based toy writer. They study toys, pop culture, and the intersection of both.

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