G.I. Joe Classified Major Bludd– A Target Exclusive ?


News out of HISS Tank today is that they figured out the item code for Major Bludd and it is a Target Exclusive. This is our worst fears that yet another most wanted figure would be an exclusive and Target’s exclusive that means Cobra Island Major Bludd.

If this is a Cobra Island Major Bludd it would be rereleased later as a general release minus some accessories and paint deco change. So far what we do know that this is listed under G.I. Joe code named Asteroid and themed with an Hasbro ID code of F2790. Now that doesn’t yet mean this is Major Bludd or the long awaited and teased Alley Viper we have been waiting for. I have already seen one guy pre selling Bludds however that might be out of Honk Kong. None the less so it will be a rocky ride in this next installment of G.I. Joe so stay tuned.

Please note this is all assumption and rumors until the Hasbro Fan Fest announcements this Friday. However last time right before an Hasbro event they did figure out the Snake Eyes 00 figure.

Article at HISS Tank

from Facebook Vince Collier

According the DPCI that’s been assigned to it (3310), it is part of the Assorted DPCI group, NOT and exclusive. It would have a unique DPCI if it were. 

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