Major Bludd Classified Series G.I. Joe Exclusive T-Shirt


80s Tees reveled some interesting artwork. That of the G.I .Joe Classified Major Bludd. This new deco includes a Robotic arm and eye. The classic version of Major Bludd had an arm protector for the rocket backlash. I always thought it was a robot arm as a kid. The Electronic eye is new and improvement on the classic eye patch. You cant get the figure yet still on the later year release for G.I. Joe Classified but you can get the shirt.

Major Bludd Classified Series GI Joe T-Shirt

This exclusive GI Joe t-shirt features an image of Major Bludd that is inspired by the new 6″ GI Joe Classified figure series.

Major Bludd served in his home country’s Special Air Service force where he held the rank of major and then transferred to the French Foreign Legion before becoming embracing the life of a mercenary. He is proficient with explosives, long range sniper rifles and many forms of infantry rifles. He is one of the most dangerous members of the Cobra organization.

Major Bludd is easily identified by his eyepatch and Snidely Whiplash-style mustache. Everyone will know you are a fan when you wear this exclusive Major Bludd Classified Series GI Joe T-Shirt!

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