The History of Toy Wizards


One day while working together at an e-commerce toy store, Toy Wizards founder Scott Zillner turned to his friend/co-worker Aaron Sparrow and said “Wouldn’t it be cool to have a toy news website called Toy Wizards?”

The rest is not exactly history.

Years would go by and while the idea for this toy news website would always be in Scott’s mind, he knew the pieces hadn’t come together to bring the entire idea to fruition. An ideas man with many projects, conventions, and constant work on the forefront, he knew that one day the pieces would come together and Toy Wizards would burst to life. The final piece came together when he met entrepreneur Loryn Stone, a pop culture writer, digital content creator and the owner of He noticed Loryn’s knack for branding and ruthless, if not obsessive, rigidness for getting the job done, a work ethic which mirrored his own.

With their powers combined, Scott and Loryn brought Toy Wizards to the masses on January 1st 2019– a brand new Toy News website updated almost daily.

Within its first month, Toy Wizards was a hit. In 2019 alone, the site amassed over one million site hits. In 2020, the site neared two million hits. With solid branding and unrelenting partnership, Loryn and Scott are continuing to build the Toy Wizards banner and focus on the site’s relationship with toy industry leaders.

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