G.I. Joe Classified Mini 99 Cent Discount Figures are Showing Up in Stores


G.I. Joe got limited edition mini figures. How limited– they are at every 99 cent store in LA today. Regardless these mini figures are a buck 99 cents to be exact. Each figure is 2.5 inches tall or small with no articulation. None, these they are made out of hard rubber PVC plastic. Think like a little MUSCLE guy slightly bendable but won’t break. These are mediocre at best I would not buy them, but they are only a buck. I would have liked army man Joes if you where going to do something small and cheap for a dollar store. There is a total of six figures three Joes three cobras. We get Duke, Roadblock, Snake Eyes for the Joes. On the Cobra Side Cobra Commander, Destro, and Red Ninja not Storm Shadow or Baroness as shown on the packaging for some reason.

They are shrunken down scans from the classified figures then given a lackluster paint job. If they where not Joes I would have passed on them. The same company had Power Rangers figures right next to them I left them there with no regrets. If you hit the right store you can get them at any 99 Cents store there is 6 figures in a set and six sets per case. Great as a novelty, it’s really nice to walk into a store and be able to buy some Joes plus they fit in your pocket again like when we were kids.

Take this lackluster line compared to the Final Faction toys made for competitor Dollar stores and we get 3 3/4 articulated action figures with weapons for a buck. You have a better toy for a buck on the Final Faction figures. They don’t have the flashy G.I. JOE logo on them but are workable compared to the birthday cake topper G.I. Joes.

Winner Final Faction over Mini Joes on price and playability.

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  1. But Final Faction…….is not GI JOE. As a toy, these suck. Final Faction wins. But as a collectible…..Well, its GI JOE! And Knowing is Half the Battle!

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