Icon Heroes Announces New Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers Merchandise


Within a day of announcing upcoming G.I. Joe and Transformers merchandise, Icon Heroes has another Hasbro gem for us– Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers! While it’s not a big surprise that Icon Heroes has the MMPR license if they’re dipping into the Hasbro catalog, it’s still very cool to see it confirmed alongside that big ol’ logo!

With that, what would we love to see from Icon Heroes x Power Rangers? As we discussed in the G.I. Joe article yesterday, Icon Heroes makes limited action figures. We also know at this point that Super7 has the license to make Power Rangers Ultimates 7 inch scale action figures. Therefore, we know that Hasbro is open to other companies making action figures other than they and their 6 inch Classified or Lightning Collection figures. I feel, personally, that other companies have a pretty steady grip on enamel pins and PCS Collectibles is making nice, affordable Power Rangers statues… for the most part… minus that hideous Rita Repulsa one.

I would love to see Icon Heroes go right for the Megazords. Since they do so much Robotech work and make great statues of the Valkyries, it’s clear they know how to make the robot do that robot thing. Toy Wizards will keep fans updated on all things Icon Heroes x Hasbro and show off the latest products and reveals once we have them.

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