Masters of the Universe He-Man Origins Preorders Up (and sold out) on Amazon UK

Amazon UK had a very brief appearance on Amazon UK. As the preorder sold out, they disappeared from the system like Orko Magic. For now, the Sky Sled is still up. The sheer number of listing ups and downs for the line is amazing. Despite some people really hating on the new He-Man Origins line, there seems to be a large amount of support. The preorders speak for themselves.

The full line of Masters of the Universe Origins will be available in the States later this year as a Walmart Exclusive.

Read more about the full line below:

Mattel Reveals New Masters of the Universe Origins Images and Full Rundown

heman cover

Masters of the Universe Origins Sky Sled with Price Adam

The Sky Sled comes with Prince Adam and he doesn’t suck. With the Sky Sled you have a couple of switch out parts for multiple versions. This fact makes it the best part of all the new releases. They are thinking past what we got before and making it better.

Amazon UK Link

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