Mattel Announces Brand-New Toy & Toon Franchise Called Cave Club

“Fun never goes extinct” exclaims the tagline of the newest doll line from Mattel.

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I’m dying and I can’t deal with how much I love these toys. If I were a child, I’d be losing my mind by how much I needed every single Cave Club doll. There’s actually a lot happening here, so let’s take a moment to unpack. Each of the five main characters are available for preorder now and will be released July 2nd, 2020.

I’m really digging the bright, happy colors of this toy line. Call me biased, but when I was a kid, dolls were brightly colored. I’m talking about Rainbow Brite, Moon Dreamers, all the My Little Pony (not my favorite toy line, but fans can live their best pony life), Lady Lovely Locks, and my beloved Spectra dolls. There was also of course Strawberry Shortcake, but that was a little before my time. Save for Spectra, all of these IPs had a corresponding cartoon to help you get to know the characters that would soon be draining your parents wallets.

Moving into a 2010s market to the present, I’m surprised by the amount of “moody dolls with attitude” we began to see. From BRATZ, to Monster High, to the Descendants dolls, kids seemed attracted to (or had pushed on them) whiny faced emo dolls. The moodier, the better. I can get behind horror (love monsters) and I have nothing bad to say about moody dolls, but they’re a little laughable.


Which is what makes the Cave Club line up so exciting! It’s new and old twisted up together to create what looks like a really fun world. Now, with the exception of Roaralai and Emberly looking like they’re competing for the role of the leader, each character’s personality and gimmick is coming through with ease. Tella is the smart sciencey one, Fernessa is the sweet and gentle one with the connection to plant life, and Slate is an artist! No toxic masculinity here, the girls are the ones with the brawn.

One of the things that was amazing in Rainbow Brite was the fact that there were two male characters, Red Butler and Buddy Blue, each with a distinct personality and gimmick. Here, we have a token male, but he’s the one rocking art. You can preorder the dolls below, and at only $12.94 each, you can collection the entire wave.


Cave Club Roaralai Doll (10-Inch) Prehistoric Fashion Doll With Dinosaur Pet – $12.94


Cave Club Emberly Doll (10-Inch) Prehistoric Fashion Doll With Dinosaur Pet – $12.94


Cave Club Tella Doll (10-Inch) Prehistoric Fashion Doll With Dinosaur Pet – $12.94


Cave Club Fernessa Doll (10-Inch) Prehistoric Fashion Doll With Dinosaur Pet – $12.94


Cave Club Slate Doll (10-Inch) Prehistoric Fashion Doll With Dinosaur Pet – $12.94

Cave Club is also becoming a YouTube cartoon. Check out the channel for teaser videos and “Meet the Characters” here. 


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  1. OMG I used to collect small dolls from the 1960’s era through Y2K… These new Cave Club dolls are sooo 80’s! Normally, I’m not the biggest fan of bright colors, but when it comes to dolls, I much prefer happy, bright colors rather than dull drab, “moody” colors. These are really fun and that’s what toys should be! (and when they come with a pet, that’s the best!)

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