Mattel Reveals New Masters of the Universe Origins Images and Full Rundown

According to the German website “ActionFiguren24” the Masters of the Universe Origins line is set to ship/hit stores September 30, 2020. Toy Wizards will create a post with US ordering information the moment it goes live.

Mattel’s new new line of Masters of the Universe is almost here. A German website have spilled some images of the new figures. We have those and more for this special episode. As a kid that grew up with the MOTU toys and cartoon it was a big part of my life. I still count  four Castle Greyskulls in the house alone.

These new figures have a weird part old and new vibe. With Mattel and Super7 already made every figure you could think of, what really was next? Old toys newerish–  is that even a word? They have the retro feel and sculpt with more modern articulation. The packaging is super retro, but not to upset the collectors, they do have the new for 2020 logo on the top.

I am intrigued about the line but how much will we buy on a toy we already bought 4-5 times now? Lets take a look at the first wave of figures and some extras:


The star of the show has his original comic book version angry face. I dig it and will totally buy this one. The angry face is horrible but I can’t stop looking at it. That’s how I know I need it.


I have a never-ending collection of Skeletors and I would still buy this anyway. The new open mouth is very cool and adds a lot of new and cool dynamics to the figure. The articulation on the old body style adds so much to the figures. I can’t really see people buying older ones now for play value with these around.


Goddess or warrior I don’t care, she is a neat figure. We only got a couple of women figures in the original toy line. She was a very interesting one as she always wore the snake headdress that is, until I saw the cartoon then that was gone the same day.


The evil lady of destruction in full yellow skin form. To me that is the essential version– evil and yellow. This is Loryn Stone’s favorite and has a bunch already on her desk– it won’t be long till there is another girl in the club.

(Editor’s note: It’s true, Evil-Lyn is my girl. This one is MINE!)


My second favorite bad guy behind Trap Jaw. In the original comics he was really savage. The cartoon watered him down for a long while. The 200X cartoon made him mean again and that was nice to see. The Save Red Beastman to this day holds a special place in my heart.

Battle Cat

I am really surprised that they didn’t reuse the old mold yet again for this. Note the original cat was first from Tarzan and Jungle Cat then Big Jim and then MOTU. They got a lot of usage on that mold let me tell you. The new Battle Cat is nice and very articulated. The retro packaging is on point. you know Panthor is next already right.

Prince Adam and Sky Sled

We get a vehicle right off the bat, which is great. It comes with Prince Adam and he doesn’t suck. With the Sky Sled you have a couple of switch out parts for multiple versions. This fact makes it the best part of all the new releases. They are thinking past what we got before and making it better.

Man At Arms

The mustache version with a squished head. Voiced by the great Alan Oppenheimer who did man voices in the cartoon. That included Skeletor, Battle Cat, and a dragon or two. The best fact is that the Man At Arms voice is his regular voice. I have got the joy to spend time with him and yeah that is just his regular talking voice– I know how Man At Arms wants his coffee!


Man E Faces

Actor, Robot , Monster hey man you do what you got to do to keep paying that rent in Eterina. Should have real moving faces unlike the swap out from the classics line.


Trap Jaw

My number one henchman for Skeletor. Not to mention I still have my glow ring that came with the original versions. Still a very classic look and interchangeable hands for destruction or Beastman grooming. I had a lot of time with the originals in the back yard.




Scare Glow


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  1. 1) GrAyskull…with an A. Yes, the British grey has gotten more pervasive here, but that doesn’t change Grayskull’s name. 😉

    2) Man-E-Faces’ Classics figure had both the vintage/Origins action feature AND a swappable multifaceted head for 3 ADDITIONAL faces. I wish Mattel brought that along.

    3) Beast Man, again, is holding the whip at the wrong spot. The “grip” is actually a brace used in the 80s because Beast Man had to hold a chunky handle securely with an open palm. And the handle is only that fat to accommodate threading a rope through it and knotting one end so it doesn’t fall out. Almost 30 years later, Mattel forgot its own engineering. That’s…embarrassing.

    4) How does Man-At-Arms take his coffee?! You left the best part out! 😀

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