Bandai’s S.H. Figuarts Batman 1989 Figure is Available for Preorder Now

Bandai announced its S.H. Figuarts Batman 1989 (Michael Keaton movie edition) and the internet went nuts for it! I have never seen so many people getting stoked for a. S.H. Figuarts (unless they already collected them). At last, Entertainment Earth and BigBadToyStore put the figure up for preorder. Click the store name to order yours today. The price tag that the US settled on is $71.99 and it will ship September/October 2020.

A new SH Figuarts based on the 1989 worldwide hit film Batman. Eyes come to life with realistic coloring under a mask replicated with rubber like materials. The fabric cape comes with support rods to recreate Batman’s impressive gliding poses. Batman also comes with a wide range of extra parts including the Batarang. The Batman 1989 Batman SH Figuarts Action Figure includes an optional head part, 4x left and 5x right hand parts, Grappling gun, Gauntlet, two Shurikens, a Batarang, 2x cape support rods. Measures about 5 9/10-inches tall.



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