Toy Wizard’s Top “X” Marvel Legends X-Women Action Figure Wishlist

Last year was such a whirlwind of good news in the toy world if you were a fan of Jim Lee and the 90s era of the X-Men. The entire Blue Team was completed, and we’re one Colossus (I’d even lump in Iceman) away from the Gold Team being done as well. And while we thought Deadpool would only pull in some X-Force members here and there, X-Factor also snuck in and is almost complete. However we have a long way to go, especially when it come to the ladies of the X-Universe. And what better time than Women’s History Month to present the top 10 X-Women we still need from Marvel Legends.

10. HUSK (or M… or any girl from Generation X)

Generation X was so great, this shot was just the BACK COVER

It’s really more of a plea for any member of Generation X. I, like many others, got into Generation X along with the whole 90s X-craze. It was the first book my brother and I ever collected from issue #1. We had the action figures and were aware of how close we came to a Toy Biz Husk figure before the line ended prematurely. But whether it’s Husk, M, Penance, or Jubilee (I want both hairstyles please and thank you) we’re going over 25 years now without either Husk or M. Long overdue. As excited as I am about other 90s X-Characters coming out like Age of Apocalypse, I’m really MORE excited about the idea of a Hasbro home run on these ladies.


We all collected those 90s X-Men cards. I got my hopes up with classic action figures of Domino, Rogue, and even Spiral, that, at some point, we’d get characters like Jean Grey, Shadowcat, and the lovely Meggan. Sadly she never appeared in the 90s, but Marvel Legends has been making up for lost ground. As much as I would have liked a Meggan in the 90s, Hasbro’s latest releases have me begging for Meggan to be introduced in full Alan Davis Legends glory. There are many ways to execute Captain Britain’s lady love, but her classic green outfit is a must. She could include parts to showcase her shape-changing powers.


So overlooked I almost forgot to put her in here(!), Callisto debuted back in 1983, as leader of a faction of subterranean mutants called the Morlocks. While not as visually exciting as other X-villains, I think I remember we almost had her as an option in an old Toy Biz poll via a potential 2-pack with Storm (if I am recalling it right). We are low on X-Villain ladies as it is, and she is so crucial to X-Men history. Heck, throw in the 2-dimensional cutout of the Morlock, Tommy, as an accessory and get 2 women for the price of one!


Another critical member of the original Excalibur team, I still have very clear memories seeing all the repaints happening in the 90s and pretty much gave up on the idea of getting Phoenix, because of all the spikes on her costume. When she started wearing a more classic Jean/Phoenix-style outfit I thought we had a better chance at her. Sadly it never happened. Many years later, Hasbro finally gave us Rachel Summers, but as the X-Woman Marvel Girl. still I’d love to complete a vintage Marvel Legends Excalibur team, and we may have to beg for some unique tooling for that to happen.


This entry kills two birds with one stone. As the original X-Force roster fills out little by little, It’s rare to find a good female X-Force villain. Dating back to her early appearances in New Mutants, Selene, as the Black Queen of the Hellfire Club’s Inner Circle, checks off multiple baddie boxes. We need more villains, and she wouldn’t be impossible to budget, as she could share much of her tooling with the White Queen, Emma Frost.


This entry is a bit different in that we’ve already had a Kitty Pryde figure in the Juggernaut BAF wave already. But same as Jean Grey, Storm, or Rogue in other decades, we definitely need an 80s/90s-era Excalibur Shadowcat. Again if we’re looking to complete those 90s X-Teams, Excalibur, with it’s female-heavy main roster, is seriously lagging behind the others. We still need Kitty in her classic blue costume. Nightcrawler, Captain Britain, and even Kylun got an action figure in the 90s. And Excalibur actually has many more members to their roster, but minimally it’s time to knock out the main 3 ladies of the UK’s premiere mutant team.


Madelyne Pryor getting an action figure is going to be very tricky in our modern “woke” climate. Her outfit is one of the more sexualized “Boobs-Mcgee” ones and we’ve already seen examples of inconsistent bust sizes with the Age of Apocalypse vs the Jim Lee Jean Grey (side rant: Jean’s bust should be consistent across all Jean figures). However, with Marvel Legends figures like Satana existing (which is more comic-accurate to those characters’ looks back then) it’s possible we could get an intact classic looking Goblyn Queen via a San Diego Comic-Con exclusive, perhaps in a set with baby Nathaniel and an X-Factor Scott & Jean. I ain’t too proud to beg, y’all.


Last year was such a joy for X-Factor fans. Completely out of nowhere, Hasbro, almost overnight, went full 90s and we got a pretty much spot-on, perfect Havok and Polaris, and news of an upcoming Strong Guy soon after. With Quicksilver and Multiple Man already out of the way, the final 90s X-Factor member, Wolfsbane, remains. The major crime is that we’ve waited so long for this founding member of the New Mutants. I’d even love her in her early Xavier school uniform, but financially she requires a lot of unique tooling. In the 90s she was sort of stuck between 30% and 70% lupine. She couldn’t transform all the way wolf, but not all the way back to human either. Maybe we can get different “phases” of her feral, mid-changed, and unchanged forms as interchangeable pieces or bump up her sales. If done right, Hasbro’s execution of her would be a case of saving the best for last!


Having more in common with Jean Grey than just red hair, Siryn has pretty much become the “Jean” of X-Force toys.  It may be a case of how to engineer her winged cape well, like Black Bolt and Banshee, but as long as X-Men fans have been waiting for a “good” Jean Grey figure, X-Force fans have been waiting even LONGER for Siryn. ANY Siryn. At least Jean HAD attempts made. And unlike most of the other X-Women, Siryn was not only a no-show in the 90s, she remains action figure-less to this very day. You’d think being a major player in both X-Force and Deadpool would give her the rub needed to put her front and center. Or maybe designers had problems pegging her details, as Rob Liefeld tweaked her costume in almost every panel, but here we are. Let’s hope Hasbro pulls a “Polaris” and shocks us with her debut right around the corner.


Even before Siryn became really REALLY important as a toy want/need, the White Queen of the Hellfire Club, Emma Frost, established herself as a top-tier female X-Villain, as shown in media from the X-Men arcade game and Pryde of the X-Men cartoon, long before Mystique took over that role in the X-Men film franchise. However, the obstacle, like Goblyn Queen and Selene, is the revealing nature of her attire. I mean, she was a bad guy (character appropriate), and as I said with Satana, it’s been done before as an SDCC exclusive. Hasbro, please do what you have to do. Cover her outfit underneath her cape. Whatever it takes. But that classic head in the Emma Frost Walgreen’s exclusive is almost too cruel without the rest of her body/costume. Bodies with no heads make no sense (I’m looking at YOU, Lilandra!). Make it a Comic-Con exclusive (something kids can’t have access to), and release her in all her vintage glory. Our X-Men collections are incomplete without her.

Hasbro is on a roll and there are many female Marvel characters that need both new figures or simply an updated/better sculpt (for example: Inhumans Crystal and Medusa). Let us know any females on your list that I missed? Who are your most wanted? Silver costume Jim Lee Storm? Outback Rogue? 1st Appearance Psylocke? Destiny? Deathbird? Lady Deathstrike? Zaladane? Darkstar? Lilandra…’s body? Just when you think Hasbro must be running low on Marvel characters we seem to be able to make lists like this one all day. While frustrating for completists, it gives us hope knowing that we still have so many amazing things to look forward to. And a huge thanks to Hasbro for releasing so many great characters last year along with showing us so many things to look forward to this year. Keep making mine Marvel!


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