Toy Wizards Review: Transformers Earthrise Deluxe Class Cliffjumper

There’s that old saying that “good things come in small packages”, and looking at our friend Cliffjumper here he is quite the small package indeed.


Does that mean he’s a good thing? You bet Primus he is. Sure, Cliffjumper is really pushing that deluxe class tag for all it’s worth with Hasbro justifying it by including his bazooka as an accessory which G1 fans will recognize from that one episode where the diminutive hothead, alongside Hound, attempted to take out the Decepticons. It’s a nice added touch that they didn’t have to include with the figure as they could have easily just equipped him with a pistol, but again Hasbro knew selling us collectors on his deluxe class price point wasn’t going to be easy.

What’s even cooler is Cliffjumper’s bazooka can split into two smaller guns he can wield in both hands and for an added touch the mounts can be removed with the back end also being removed and extended on a hinge for you to attach to the underside of his vehicle mode to give him his hydro skis as seen in another episode of the original G1 cartoon. Again these are all neat little touches that makes a G1 dork like me geek out.

Of the Earthrise figures I have in my collection so far, Cliffjumper is my favorite. I love Grapple, and I love Wheeljack but Cliffjumper, well, while he definitely doesn’t stand head and shoulders above his companions…because he’s short you see…I haven’t been able to stop fawning over him.

Cliffjumper has an absolutely gorgeous head sculpt perfectly capturing that classic G1 look. The body of the figure is outstanding as well with a beautiful, deep red paint job. Cliffjumper may be small in stature, but he’s enormously handsome and super fun to pose and have displayed on my shelf. The engineering in this figure is amazing, sure there’s a little bit of parts forming, but only a little bit, and even with the parts forming Cliffjumper is a joy to transform. Like with all of my figures he will be staying in robot mode on my shelf, but I have no issue transforming him into his vehicle mode if asked to do so.

While Cliffjumper does push that title of deluxe to the max as I mentioned at the beginning of this review, I can live with it for no other reason than for how perfectly he scales alongside his fellow deluxe class mate Wheeljack and his Voyager Class colleague Grapple.


Us G1 fans know all too well how ridiculous those G1 toys of the eighties did or rather didn’t scale with each other with Galvatron being twice the size of Rodimus Prime as one example. Between Siege and Earthrise though these figures scale beautifully with each other.

I’m sure I speak for all Earthrise collectors in saying that with this mold I’m hopeful we get a deluxe class Bumblebee at some point in the not too distant future. Could Cliffjumper be a few dollars cheaper than the $21.99 he’s priced at on Sure, but once you get him in hand you’ll be convinced he’s giving you a lot more bang for your buck.

I give Earthrise Deluxe Class Cliffjumper 5/5 Energon cubes.


Product Features

  • 5.50 inch (14cm) scale
  • Made of plastic
  • This ecosystem of collectible figures allows fans to build out epic space battle scenes
  • Converts into classic G1 car mode in 18 steps
  • Figures can connect to expand the battlefield
  • Instructions may or may not include English translation

Box Contents

  • Cliffjumper figure
  • Weapon accessory
  • Ski attachments
  • Piece of the Transformers Universe map
  • Red decoder to unlock the map’s hidden paths


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