NJ Croce is Releasing The Krusty Show toy set from The Simpsons and it’s making our dreams come true

Holy sweet mother of all that is good in the world– if someone said “Hey Loryn, what would you want to see in a Simpsons five pack?” It would 100% without a doubt be The Krusty Show. And now, all of my dreams are coming true.

I have unnatural love for Sideshow Bob. The character just does it for me on like all levels. I love Krusty because he’s a great character, and come on, Jewish Clown. A man of my own heart. Sideshow Mel is awesome and there are just so few toys of him. Add a Bart (classic) and Mr. Teeny? All the BS and side characters you don’t want have been cut out and all you have is my fantasy Simpsons toy pack.


It costs $29.99, will ship April 2020, and can be preordered today.



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