Amazon slows Toys and Game fulfillment amidst COVID-19 outbreak

Want to get your toys or Video Games right now? Don’t use Amazon Prime! Amazon Prime as we already know has differed all inbound shipments for 30 days as they will currently only take essential items for FBA “Fulfilled By Amazon”. That means anything in their (many) warehouses for Amazon Prime deliveries are being delayed 2-4 weeks if they are not deemed essential products. An example is the new game Doom Eternal: it was ordered weeks ago and due for shipping on the 19th with guaranteed delivery day of release. However, I received a notification that it was being held until April 21st (aka 30 days).

If you want your toys or video games from Amazon, this isn’t the time to use Prime.


So how do you get the toys and games from Amazon, then?  That’s easy– use third party sellers, aka individual sellers on Amazon. Think like eBay but held to much higher standards. They ship every day and are glad for the orders. Third Party sellers are not held to Amazon Primes warehouse or rules on essential items shipping.

other sellers

With a lot of people home and time on their hands, toys and games are a very needed thing. Third party shippers are there for you and ready. So do not use Amazon Prime and look for those seller names and give them your business and they will take care of you. This is also a great time to use small business with mail order web stores or even curbside service from your local shops.


Last but not least look at our Sponsors on the side banner adds. Each of the sponsors are still filling orders and glad to have your business– tell them Toy Wizards sent you.


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