Toy Wizards Review: Funko Pop! Rides #90 Jollibee (Restaurant Exclusive)

Toy Wizards would like to thank Funko for providing us with a sample of the Pop! Rides #90 Jollibee Restaurant Exclusive to review. We anticipate this piece to be available Feb-April 2020 at Jollibee restaurants.


Do a toy review from bed and it turns out to be the highest hitting video yet, only to have Funko call you and ask to have it removed? Oh, sweet and cruel irony! But that’s okay, because a Pop! this special needs to be seen by everyone! It’s the return of the Jollibee in vinyl Funko Pop! form, and this time, he’s on his little delivery motorcycle.

What do I mean by “return”? Well, the Jollibee is no stranger to being a Funko Pop!, although this is the first time his delivery bike is making an appearance.

Other than this toy is super exclusive, there’s really not much to say about it that is unique to the Pop! experience. He is about 4 inches tall, made of vinyl, is not articulated, and the paint is perfect. Jollibee lends himself to becoming a Pop! very well because it’s his eyes that make him a little unsettling. By making them the cute dolly-button eyes, it tames down that “staring into your soul” feel that the mascot masters so well.


Besides, Mr. Jollibee and I have been buddies for a very long time.


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