McFarlane Toys’ Mortal Kombat Spawn Figure is (Finally) Available For Good Old Fashioned Preorder

Was the internet drunk the other day or what?

Well, that could be said for most days these days, so grab hold of your toilet paper and keep reading.

A few days ago, a strange occurrence was in the works where (some) people’s orders of McFarlane’s Spawn x Mortal Kombat action figure was being spontaneously cancelled from Walmart  (which is similar to what happened with the Mattel Baby Yoda vinyl head plush when it was announced). Likewise on Amazon, right as my fingers went to do that sexy little “preorder click dance”, the action figure was suddenly unavailable. There were also some contradictions about when the toy was said to be available– was it March? April? Did the figure cost $19.99 per standard McFarlane MSRP? Or was it $26.99 per GameStop’s outrageous markups?

Well, it seems to have sorted itself out. The figure is available for preorder now. The release date has been changed to May 2020 (which makes me think my statement about factory delays in China is correct) and it is still $19.99. You can preorder it today from Entertainment Earth or BigBadToyStore.


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