Sekiguchi is Charging $2000 for a Ninja Bebichhichi-chan Doll

I mean, vintage toys are cool and all, but this is out of control.

Or a very, very odd typo.


Listed on Backorder on HobbyLink Japan (with an original MSRP of $2200 and down to $1700) is a…well…Ninja Bebichhichi-chan Doll. These are the Japanese toys that the American Monchhichi toys came from in 1974. As an 80s baby (85′ pride), my sisters and I had a few of these adorable little critters in our toy box, without a doubt. And while I’m sure that some of these in great condition may be worth some tokens, yen, shekels, munny, etc…I know that I’m not the only one out there that isn’t catching why a toy (with no information in the description) is swaggering out with a price of a used car.

So, what is it about this Bebichhichi-chan that costs so much? Is this vintage? An anniversary something-something? Is it huge?! Stuffed with money and cocaine? What is going on?! Even stupid eBay has this toy in the $30 range.

Screenshot 2020-03-16 10.13.07

Who knows, it could be an act of toy industry negligence, but it’s the Toy Wizards job to point things out that don’t make sense in the toy world, am I right?

I rarely say this, but I will utter these very strange words.

“This time, shop eBay.”



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