Toy Wizards Review: NewAge H19 Hogan & H20 William Bonney

It’s been a minute since I’ve taken a look at the latest monthly release from one of our favorite third party manufacturers NewAge toys. Make no mistake, I have been keeping up with each new tiny Generation 1 homage. I briefly gushed about the company’s Starscream and Megatron releases in my year end Top 5 article, but wanted to share the latest addition to my mini Autobot troops with you all. Today we’re looking at NewAge The Legendary Heroes H19 Hogan & H20 William Bonney.

You can purchase this set of two at Ages 3 and Up for $52.95 US or $69.95 CAD.



Amazing work by NewAge to get something so compact and animation accurate. The last mini car the company released was their Cosmos mold. It’s a return to form with this two pack featuring everyone’s favorite diminutive grumpy strong man Brawn and his 1985 toy release recolor Outback. Both toys share the same body, but feature unique head sculpts.




With these two we have your standard animation faithful color schemes with a metallic sky blue used for the windshields and side windows of both vehicles. They both have silver faces with metallic blue used for the eyes and visor.  I am always amazed at how cleanly such tiny painted details are applied on these little toys, but this is what we’ve become accustomed to with NewAge.



We’ve come to expect a lot from our collectible toys today in terms of articulation. NewAge has always loaded their releases up with great, useful, standard articulation for dynamic posing and playability. H19 & H20 have swivel necks, ball shoulders, ball elbows, hinged wrists due to transformation, waist swivel, ball hips, thigh swivels, single knee hinge, ankle pivots, and separate toe pivot. The joints on these two are also nice and stiff, making posing and just standing a breeze.



NewAge only included a couple small accessories with both toys. Both have their G1 weapons. Also included are spare gas tanks that peg into the rear of vehicle mode and can unfold to become a handheld blaster.

Three unique diecast metal accessories were also included with this set. I small buzzsaw, a drill, and a Robbie the Robot claw hand. Each of these can replace these two robot’s or any of NewAge’s bots with removable hands. The drill accessory can also be placed at the front of Hogan’s vehicle mode to recreate that one episode where Brawn did the thing with the thing!



Alternate Mode

The vehicle modes here are not meant to be real world accurately proportioned like some of their other releases, but rather in a chibi style seen in the original animation for many of the smaller characters. The result is an incredibly accurate alt mode to match the animation faithful robot mode. These two compact even more so than NewAge’s Bumblebee. Everything tabs in together making a very secure and sturdy squared off vehicle that can traverse even the toughest couch terrain.



Like I usually tell our readers, the true value in a toy like this lies in what you are most looking for in your collection and how much joy a single item may give you other than the amount of plastic you purchased. My last toy purchases of these characters came in the form of the Transformers Generations Legends Class Brawn and Outback released a couple years back. While both were very good toys for mass retail release, they were sculpted in the stylized CHUG (Classics/Henkei/Universe/Generations) aesthetic and had very different alt modes than their G1 counterparts. NewAge’s offerings here are undoubtably Generation 1, incredibly cute, and lots of fun. I’m very pleased with both of these wonderful little transformable toys.


5/5 Wizard’s Stars

Obviously at this point, with twenty releases not including clear and toy variant decos under their belt, NewAge has become the premier company offering legends scaled transformable robots. I’m in it for the long haul and cannot wait to continue to support them with every new release. So what’s on the horizon? Well, we’re still working through Seeker repaints with clear, and gold versions of their Starscream coming soon, followed by Acid Storm, Sunstorm, and Hotlink. The next new unique mold will be H22 Chimera, their camera changing trio of bots better known as G1 Reflector.

Enjoy the full gallery for Hogan and William Bonney below!

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