Toy Wizards Review: AlterNation Action Figures by Panda Mony

Toy Wizards would like to thank Panda Mony for providing us samples of the AlterNation action figures to review. You can get your own for $21.99 ($24.99 for Deluxe) right here

From Panda Mony:

Panda Mony conducted multiple focus groups and used their feedback on nearly two dozen toy concepts to create Alter Nation. Panda Mony listened to what kids wanted and made it for them. In addition, based on the feedback, Panda Mony understood kids wanted to interact with the Alter Nation stories in multiple mediums, so they also partnered with animation studio Lil Critter Workshop to develop and create an animated web-series based on the brand, and also Dark Horse Comics to launch the brand’s graphic novel series!


Alter Nation’s current character line includes:

  • Bomber: The powerhouse with a chip on his shoulder (scorpion/bombardier beetle/Hercules beetle/stink bug hybrid)

  • El Ray: The electrifying aquatic leader (electric eel/catfish/sting ray hybrid)

  • Albert VII: Long-horned prankster with an affinity for bananas (toro bravo bull/capuchin monkey hybrid)

  • Quillroy: He loves heavy metal – both music and weights (fruit bat/crested porcupine black rhinoceros hybrid)

  • Sham: Brilliant but manipulative, he is the perfect spy (veiled chameleon/tokay gecko/alligator hybrid)

  • Daart: Young and still training, he leaps before he looks, literally (poison dart frog/bullfrog hybrid)

  • Sabotage: A villainous cybernetic creature always upgrading himself. His cybernetic overdrive, when activated, increases his power a thousand fold making him nearly unstoppable.

  • Alpha: The first human-animal hybrid. And the most powerful.

For my review, I opened up Quillroy (how could I say no, he loves Heavy Metal) and Sham. Seriously, these figures are gorgeous. They’re all large, in the 6-8 inch range depending on the figure.

Sham_Boxed_Shopify Asset

Without embellishing, I have to say that the paint on these figures is some of the best I’ve ever seen in my life. It’s opaque, matte, clean, with hints and touches of gradient plastic and really beautiful transitional colors. There are gimmicks, such as Sham’s back-wheel tongue darting and eye rolling. There are TONS of accessories included, four or more with each character. And for the price point, they honestly don’t deserve to look this good. Panda Mony’s AlterNation figures are the result of taking the time and effort to develop an original IP by an extraordinarily talented team. I hope everyone gives these guys some love and adds AlterNation and Panda Mony’s future toy lines to their collections.


I give AlterNation by Panda Mony 5/5 Wizard Stars.


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