Toy Wizards: Ricky’s Top 5 Best Toys of 2019

2019 was a really incredible year for toys and collectibles! If you are a fan of pop culture, movies, comics, cartoons, sci-fi, or fantasy, there was just too much good stuff released to make your nerd glands salivate. In fact, it was a daunting task to just narrow it down to these five choices!

One thing I noticed is that while there were some great new characters and properties given amazing action figure treatment this year, we also received brand new versions of old tried and true heroes and villains that really shine and bumped out older versions from collector’s shelves all over the world.

Here’s my picks in no particular order for favorite toys of 2019!


5) Soul of Chogokin GX-88 Dairugger XV aka Vehicle Force Voltron

A childhood favorite and my first real experience with deluxe combining robots is renewed with an amazing new adult collectible entry in Bandai Japan and Tamashii Nation’s Chogokin Damashii or Soul of Chogokin toy line. This faithful representation of the 1982 classic anime robot is chock full of diecast metal parts, chrome accents, weapons and accessories, modern engineering and articulation and of course, nostalgia. Easily made my list for this year and I’m sure many more to come!


4) Marvel Legends 80th Anniversary Incredible Hulk


This long overdue update to a classic Hulk hits every note.

The green – lime.

The pants – purple.

The hair – shag.

A wonderful addition to any Marvel shelf, especially one that includes a cavalcade of 1970s-80s super heroes!


3) Star Wars Black Series Return of the Jedi Luke Skywalker (Walmart Exclusive)

Photo credit TOYARK.COM

My favorite iteration of the Luke Skywalker character got a fantastic updated figure this year at retail. The Black Series has been killing it lately with updated facial digital printing on every new human character and that includes old favorites like Luke. This new Jedi Luke from the beginning of Star Wars: Return of the Jedi features one of the best Mark Hamill likenesses to date, his green lightsaber, a pistol, and his signature cloak. I’ve already bought two of this figure and turned the other into a throne room duel Luke by removing his tunic, swapping on a black gloved right hand, and adding a belt!


2) NewAge Toys Agamemnon & Hynkel


The outstanding leaders of innovation and quality for third party legends scaled Transformers unveiled their not-Megatron in December of last year and it finally saw release in four different flavors this year. Agamemnon is the classic animation colored version, while Hynkel is the metallic colored homage to the actual Generation One toy. These two 11cm tyrants implement an incredibly fun and satisfying transformation that is challenging, but not difficult or frustrating. Add to the fact that the robot mode on these guys just screams animation accurate and come with a plethora of accessories, blast effects, extra hands and faces. This is one of the, if not *the* best Transformer toy of 2019.


1) NewAge Toys Air Commander Lucifer 

Not to be outdone by Agamemnon, NewAge’s Lucifer is also in contention for the best Transformers related toy of 2019. The first Seeker entry in the line has set an incredible new standard as this F-15 fighter jet to robot has honestly never looked so good. Even in the much larger Masterpiece scale, official or otherwise, there have always been compromises to one mode or another. Not here. An amazing jet mode converts into an even more stellar robot. No backpacks. No kibble. No nosecone hanging off the back of a head. No tail fins cluttering up legs.

This simple and incredibly engineered transformation will be copied and cloned going forward for years to come, but the originators here have made something very special. I love this little 10cm bot. So much so that I’ve got not-Skywarp, not-Thundercracker, not-Thrust, not-Dirge, and not-Ramjet on the way. Oh and the translucent ghost version of Lucifer who will come with coronation gear for this regular release.

There you have it. A quick look at my top hits from this great year of toys! What were some of your best and brightest of 2019? Let us know in the comments section below!


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