Toy Wizards: Loryn’s Top 5 Spontaneous Toy Reviews of 2019

On March 18th 2019, I made a short, unscheduled video about 3 Lazy Town figures I’d impulsively purchased off Mercari. Because I made the video on a whim, I decided to call the piece a “Spontaneous Toy Review”.

The rest is history.


Spontaneous Toy Reviews have since become a Toy Wizards staple, embracing the idea that sometimes, certain toys are so damn cool that we need to talk about them NOW. So crack open a canned beverage and pull up a chair, because today on Toy Wizards, we’re ringing in the new year by counting down my pick of the Top 5 favorite Spontaneous Toy Reviews of 2019! And for everything Toy Wizards and all of our toy review videos, you can check out the entire playlist here!

5) Power Rangers Megazord Letter Opener Statue


What made this video so satisfying to film was the fact that this product is so random and barely deserves to exist. With such a severe lack of Megazord Merch on the current Power Rangers market, it was such a cool surprise when this ceramic Megazord letter opener showed up. Bonus points, it was a GameStop exclusives and I STALKED my store until it arrived– they had one up on a high shelf and it was MINE!


4) Bootleg Star Wars Figures Review with Carly


When Wizard Scott brings you back a sack of bootleg Star Wars Black Series figures from Hong Kong and fellow Wizard Carly is in town, you make a review video together! Checking out these, what, TWELVE vile looking action figures was nothing short of comedic delight and a pleasure to behold! If nothing else, comparing the Bootleg Anakin Skywalker to the original Hasbro Black Series Archive figure (also a really fun toy review, check it out to hear my ode to Hayden Christiansen, aka, Boyfriend, Cute Boyfriend) was so much fun. And I learned the word Cul-de-Sac in reference to a hair line!


3) Toony Terrors by NECA


Horror toys! Horror toys! Horror toys! NECA crushed it this year with the announcement and arrival of the Toony Terrors line. And I really think these toys are brilliant– take toy licenses you already have and bend them into really great stylized poses that are reflective of Scooby-Doo villains. What have you got to lose? The answer is nothing. I think part of what makes the Toony Terrors Wave 1 line so special is that it was one of the first toy lines I discovered while writing articles for Toy Wizards that made me go “Oh wow…I need that. I need it all. I need it all now!” which then kicked off a pre-ordering bug quite so incredibly severe.

And did I mention my Pennywise the Clown obsession? Because seriously,  the hunger is real.

2) Power Rangers Lightning Collection Goldar Figure

Mighty Morphin’ Daddy, is this one incredible figure. Hasbro’s Power Rangers Lightning Collection figures unleashed into the world on May 1st 2019 and it’s just been a roller coaster of madness ever since. The first wave of figures included Dino Charge Red, Lord Zedd, (video reviews in those links!) Mighty Morphin’ White Ranger, and SPD Shadow Ranger. But this tasty little number, which was released October 2019 is to this day my absolute favorite Power Rangers Lightning Collection figure, hands down. From the paint to the sculpt, to the fact that you can’t just get it anywhere, it’s definitely the sexiest Goldar figure available to date.

1) McDonalds 40th Anniversary Happy Meal Toys


The fact that McDonalds did this (albeit four day) promotion was astounding. To celebrate the 40th Anniversary of the Happy Meal, McDonalds reissued 15 or so of its top tier toys throughout the decades. From the 1988 Transforming Robot Burger, the the 1989 Halloween dress up Chicken McNuggets, to the early-90s Red Power Ranger, mid-90s Space Jam Bugs, late 90s Furby and Beanie Baby, and more, it was seriously this incredible promotion that popped up out of nowhere and disappeared into the shadows.

I spent more time and money on these toys than I did chorking down Happy Meals in the 90s (statistic may be unreliable), and as much hate and disdain I may have toward fast food causing my childhood weight problems, the moment I saw those toys again, my heart melted and the nostalgic feels washed over me. The only way they could have made this promotion better is if my other Boyfriend, Cute Boyfriend (no, not Anakin Skywalker or Pennywise the Clown) Mac Tonight was in the set of toys, too! (Check out the link for my review of Mac Tonight toys and the OG Transforming Burger Robots).


Honorable Mention:

SDCC Exclusive Dumpster Fire by 100% Soft


God damn, this toy. If the Dumpster Fire toy wasn’t a viral sensation, I don’t know what is. We Toy Wizards discovered the impending SDCC 2019 resin toy exclusive on the Unofficial SDCC Blog, wrote an article about it, made it explode, covered it again with its copycats, and then again once it became a vinyl toy (available to purchase from Entertainment Earth, coming out next year). At San Diego Comic Con this year, Scott and I got in line bright and early and managed to get our hands on the little sucker. The above video is a review of that moment, on site at SDCC!

So, there we have it! A collection of my top favorite Spontaneous Toy Review videos! I loved getting to check out some of the custom toys made by amazing toy makers, like the custom GI Joe inspired Coco toy from Scorched Earth Creations, custom jumbo robots from the amazing Tom Hughes, and just so many other amazing toys. Happy New Year to all Toy Wizards readers, and we can’t wait to create more delicious content in 2020!


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