McFarlane Toys’ DC Action Figure Line Makes Its Internet Debut

Since February 2019, the internet has been holding its breath for a first glimpse of McFarlane Toys’ upcoming DC Action Figures line. Last Spring, fans and toy collectors were treated to a (admittedly leaked) first glimpse of the highly anticipated action figure line. Unfortunately, because they were leaked, we did the right thing and took down the article we had written about it. Indeed, it was a sad day in toy journalism.

However, new images of the DC action figure line from McFarlane Toys have seemingly resurfaced and fans are able to see (more clearly this time) which figures will be included in the flagship run of DC figures from McFarlane:



Included in the wave is Batman and Batman (Animated Series versions), Batman (Detective Comics version), Superman (Unchained Armor), Superman (traditional style), Hellbat Armor Batman, and the Green Arrow.

Just like we saw on the leaked version months ago, each of the figures will come with a collectors’ card. In typical McFarlane tradition, these figures will likely be 6 inches tall and cost about $20. There is still no preordering information available.

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