CCS Toys Show Off Rocket Mech Toy That Brings Back the Charm of the 1950s and Outer Space

Let me preface by saying no, this toy isn’t “from” anything. This is an original piece from a Chinese toy maker that to me is so damn charming and adorable that I needed to write about it.

There’s a trend coming up with indie toys, and that’s the use of this robin’s egg blue, beige orange, and creme white. It hearkens a really sweet point in western pop culture, back to the 1950s where everything was brightly colored and life was (seemingly) simple. We know it wasn’t actually simple, racism ran rampant, and a lot of people couldn’t afford food. However, the blooming media telling me to obey my husband and eat Campbell’s soup really had a convincing way of telling me that everything was amazing, and all I needed was a Cuisinart.

Man, I’m really driving this home, aren’t I?


Okay, refresh. I love these toys from CCS Toys. This rocket ship (Rocket Mech) complete with doggy is just the sweetest thing. I would love to have one of these on my shelf or decorating my desk. This beautiful piece is due out in January 2020 and you can order it today for $96.

At this year’s DesignerCon, I picked up a robot model kit from Japanese toy maker 1000 Toys, (see image below) and its design aesthetic worked for me in a similar way. I can’t wait to put that today and feel like we’re in for a 1950s Iron Giant style mecha overtaking– in color!


CCS Toys’ new Rocket Mech is a rocketship that transforms into a quadrupedal moon rover! It comes with a blast-off effect base that lights up with LEDs (requires 2 AAA-size batteries, not included), making it an ideal display piece. In addition, since this is also a collaboration with the Chinese Q & A site Chihui, their official mascot character, a fox named Liu Nashan, has brought along his own spacesuit and is ready to explore outer space. Liu Nashan can even sit in the Rocket Mech’s cockpit!

  • [Figure Size]: Approximately 15cm tall, 24cm tall on effect base
  • [Materials]: PVC, metal alloy

[Set Contents]:

  • Rocket Mech
  • Blast-off effect base
  • Liu Nashan
  • Spacesuit
  • Stand


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