NECA’s ‘Goonies’ Sloth and Chunk Figures Are Shipping This Month (and Chunk still looks like Roseanne)

All right, all right, I’m not trying to be a jerk. Everyone knows that I am a total NECA fan and have tons of their products gracing and decorating my shelves. Dear NECA, I love you forever– hugs and kisses, your obedient toy collector and favorite toy journalist, Loryn.

There, we’re friends forever, don’t at me.

Screenshot 2019-12-07 07.12.25.png

However, I do have to say that the reveal of the Goonies Sloth and Chunk two pack final packaging design does in fact cause one of our earliest Toy Wizards Snarkticles to resurface. At the time, I’d called the two pack, which was a Toy Fair 2019 reveal from NECA a “Swing and a Miss”. Angry fans of both NECA and the Goonies movie clamored for some ammo for attack, stating that my opinion was wrong. “You hate Sloth’s pose and therefore crapped on the toy?!” a fan growled in disbelief that people other than himself are entitled to opinions. “He’s ARTICULATED! CHANGE THE POSE!

“Great,” I replied, cramming a third handful of Goldfish crackers into my mouth. “They’re still huge, still wearing cloth clothing (which I’m not in love with), and Chunk still looks like Roseanne Barr. Keep it coming, I’m ready for battle!” I paused my rage for a moment to take a sip from my Juicy-Juicy box.

No one responded to my war cry or the cracker crumbs spilling from hence visage, because everyone else has other things to do and I’m an ramped-up lunatic.

Fortunately for everyone out there pillaged by obligations and apathy, toy collecting is subjective and you can live your best toy collecting life away from me and my loud opinions if that soothes your cold, exposed wounds. You can also still preorder the Sloth and Chunk pack for $65 from BigBadToyStore and have these two delivered right to your home.


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