Threezero’s One Punch Man Saitama Figure Is Available For Pre-Order Now

Man, what a time to be an anime fan. Every time I see a premium anime statue like the ones coming from Threezero (both this One-Punch Man Saitama and the Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood figure that was recently shown off), teenager me just wants to weep with joy. As a full grown grown-up who got into anime in about 1998, the magical world of collectibles has just exploded and it’s incredible what is accessible (albeit perhaps a little expensive) for fans.

Yeah, you remember when China Town was littered with these Sailor Moon Bootlegs, don’t lie. Or when officially licensed products were so junky that they actually looked like bootlegs!

But today, anime fans, you’re subjected to articulation, detail, and much beauty.

From the anime “One-Punch Man”, SEASON 2 version Saitama’s 1/6th scale articulated figure is available for preorder now through Threezero’s official website. Priced at 119USD / 928HKD / 838RMB for the Standard Version, and 139USD / 1080HKD / 980RMB for the Deluxe Version (All orders placed on  include worldwide shipping).

The “1/6 Articulated Figure: Saitama (SEASON 2)” is approximately 30cm tall fully articulated figure. Its hero suit costume and cape is made of fabric, and has weathering effects applied. Comes with a serious expression head and 2 kinds of interchangeable gloved hands (1 pair of opened hands and 1 pair of fists). The “1/6 Articulated Figure: Saitama (SEASON 2) Deluxe Version” comes with everything included in the Standard Version, and in addition to it, it comes with an interchangeable head with the usual comical expression, fabric martial arts uniform, fabric wig, interchangeable bare hands (1 pair of opened hands and 1 pair of fists), and 1 pair of bare feet.

1/6 Articulated Figure: Saitama (SEASON 2)

Product Specifications:
– Approximately 12″ (30cm) tall articulated figure
– Serious expression head
– Tailored hero suit costume with cape
– Total of 2 pairs of interchangeable gloved hands:
* Opened hands x 1 pair
* Fists x 1 pair

Deluxe Version exclusive parts:
– Usual comical expression head
– Tailored martial arts uniform
– Fabric wig
– Total of 2 pairs of interchangeable bare hands:
* Opened hands x 1 pair
* Fists x 1 pair
– 1 pair of bare feet


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