Medicom Toy Adds Child’s Play 2 Chucky to MAFEX Line

Coming in June 2020 with an MSRP of $85 is the newest addition to Medicom Toy’s amazing MAFEX line. It’s our favorite murder-doll Chucky, from his depiction in Child’s Play 2, which is arguably the best film (according to some fans) before the franchise kind of went off the rails.

Although you’re talking to a Bride of Chucky and Seed of Chucky purist over here.

Chucky is available for preorder today through HobbyLink Japan, which in spite if the company being literally from…well…Japan…has seriously awesome shipping prices and their merchandise comes lovingly packed for collectors.


While there is no official description for this toy, let’s take a look at what we can see based on the images. Personally, while I understand this toy is a MAFEX and MAFEX means almost always sexy, I think the price point on Chucky is a little high. There’s no way he can be more than like four inches tall. He’s a tall– he’s meant to be little. However, his face sculpting is perfect and so is his paint. He comes with at least two heads, but if I’m not mistaken, there might be a third in there. The snarl on two of those faces look different to me.

He comes with his hands, as well as a spike from when his hand is cut off. Chucky also has a bat, a hammer, a knife, a ruler, and a non-limbed spike. So, you’re really getting a lot of murder for your money. MAFEX toys are also highly articulated, so there is never an issue with posing, IE, setting him up like a little murder Elf-on-the-Shelf to scare that special jumpy person in your life.


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