Threezero Opens Pre-Orders on Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood Figures

From the anime “Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood,” 1/6 scale collectible figures Edward and Alphonse Elric are now available for pre-order here. Both figures are available sold separately and also in a limited edition Twin-Pack.

Individually, Edward Elric is priced at $129 USD / 998 HKD / 880 RMB and Alphonse Elric is priced at $149 USD / 1180 HKD / 998 RMB (worldwide shipping included for each figure).

The limited edition Twin-Pack includes bonus accessories for Edward in addition to the basic accessories: Sleeveless top, boxers, and bare feet (one organic one mechanical), and comical facial expression. Pricing for the Twin-Pack is $278 USD / 2178 HKD / 1979 RMB (worldwide shipping included).

In development/Not final. Promotional images may differ from final product.


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