New “Totally Not Optimus Prime” Figures Freedom Leader and Light of Justice Are on Their Way

Both of the figures we’re discussing today are Third Party items, inspired by the Transformers franchise.

But we’re going to Roll…Out…with them anyway?

Bad joke, bad joke, please don’t go.

While hardcore Transformers fans and collectors are very well aware of the hoards and hoards of third party Transformers brands there are out there, the casual fan might not know how many of them truly exist. We’ve discussed on Toy Wizards before how knock off Transformers creators get away with it, and why there’s nothing Hasbro can do to stop them. So, since we live in a world with these lovely clones (and some original pieces!) let’s take a minute to give some love to two in the pipeline (or should I say ‘Primeline’?) that are coming out soon.

We’ve already written about ToyWorld’s TW-F09 Freedom Leader (aka totally not Bumblebee Movie Optimus Prime). But now, new images of the figure have emerged, and this time they’re painted. According to the preorders popping up, there seems to be two versions; a normal, and deluxe with more accessories. This item will retail for about $150-$170.

Up next is Magic Square’s MS-B18 Light of Justice. This one is available for preorder now, and has an MSRP of $55.99. Magic Square MS-B18 Light of Justice from Magic Square is a G1 inspired legends scaled figure that transforms from robot to tractor trailer with truck cab and back! Includes opening repair bay, as well as trailer is scaled to fit other Magic Square legends scaled figures (sold separately) in its trailer.


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