HobbyLink Japan Opens Preorders on Seven Transformers Toys Due Out This Summer

Summer will be hot for Takara Tomy Transformers collectors! Coming soon from HobbyLink Japan are seven items from the Transformers franchise, all ready for you to admire, drool over, and preorder today.

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First up is the SS-35 TRANSFORMERS STUDIO SERIES KSI BOSS, due out this July. He has an MSRP of $34.76 and can be preordered here.



Also due out in July with an MSRP of $34.76 is the SS-34 TRANSFORMERS STUDIO SERIES DECEPTICON LONG HAUL. You can preorder this badass Decepticon over at HobbyLink Japan today.



Also shipping in July with an MSRP of only $19.24 is the TCV-03 TRANSFORMERS CYBERVERSE WING SLICER WINDBLADE. I love Arcee and all of the other girly-bots in the Transformers universe, so this design (along with that early 80s looking headpiece) is especially appealing to me. Robot Evil-Lyn. I’ll just say it– she looks like robot Evil-Lyn to me. You can preorder her from HobbyLink Japan today.



Due out in August with an MSRP of $27.04 is an amazing  TCV-10 TRANSFORMERS CYBERVERSE BURNING FLAME GRIMLOCK. I can’t even begin to go off on how much I love this figure. I know the Cyberverse designs are hit and miss among fans, but to me, this design is super appealing and I really love the chunky primary colors used on Gridlock. I also like the flame spitting effect. All of it for it’s price point is really working for me. You can preorder it now from HobbyLink Japan.


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Also coming soon with an August release date and an MSRP of $52.53 is the SS-39 TRANSFORMERS STUDIO SERIES JET WING OPTIMUS PRIME, AKA, Bay Movie Transformers. While the design doesn’t appeal to me on a ‘robots on my shelf’ level, it’s a flavor of Prime that many fans love. You can preorder him from HobbyLink Japan today.



Speaking of Bay Movie versions. Man, is this Megatron like the Freddy Krueger of robots, or what? The MPM-8 TRANSFORMERS MASTERPIECE MEGATRON is definitely the beefiest Transformer on our list today, both aesthetically and in terms of price tag. Coming out in August with an MSRP of $154.49, the Decepticon leader gets a new Transformers Masterpiece figure from Takara Tomy, standing an impressive 30cm tall! He can transform from his robot form to his alien spacecraft form with ease. You can preorder him from HobbyLink Japan today.



And last but not least, we have a….a crane. There’s legitimately a….Transformers….crane.


Due out in August with an MSRP of $21.63, the SS-37 TRANSFORMERS STUDIO SERIES DECEPTICON HIGHTOWER is…

You know what…I’ve got nothing for this one.

Just preorder it from HobbyLink Japan, if that’s your bag.


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