Toy Wizards Visit the Kaiju Sakaba Bar in Japan

Kaiju Bar or Kaiju Sakaba is an Ultraman bad guy themed restaurant and bar. There are two locations one in Shimbashi this is smaller more like just a bar and the bigger one we are at in Kawasaki that is also more villain themed. To enter this establishment, you have to hold your hand in a alien detector and swear you’re up to no good. Once cleared to enter this den of villainy, you can now walk by many great props and themed displays along the way to your table or booth.


Depending on the size of your party you may be seated in smaller bad guy styled booths or a larger bad guy meeting room. Each section of the restaurant is themed to different bad guys while remaining a classic Japanese restaurant feel at the same time. All of the drinks and food are of course Ultraman bad guy themed and so much so they even look like there outer space counterparts. We took part in several for dinner the Baltan rice dish was very very nice. The Nurse sausage dish even comes with a head abs tail piece you can keep after. Playing on the tv screens on a endless loop is the story of the Kaiju bar and how the bad guys plot every night to finally win against The Ultramen that always defeat them.

Several flash backs even have a old samurai film feel to it. After your drinks and meal there is even Ultraman themed deserts and of course shopping. What themed restaurant isn’t complete with out some exclusive goodies to buy on your way out. This location is s little far off the beaten path for Tokyo travel but well worth the time for Kaiju fun. You come away with lots of souvenirs collectible coasters one for each item ordered I got a set by the way and this time chopsticks holders with episode headers did not get a set.  A really great time on the weekends they even have full costume aliens come around your tables. If you can swing by and have a time that’s is out of this world.

This Wizard gives it 5/5 Baltan crab claws. 

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