Super7 Announces Pre-Orders Will Start for Snake Mountain (in May, 2019)

Super7 just keeps getting cooler and cooler.

After their Toy Fair 19 announcements which included news that they had obtained more licenses than we know what to do with, they drop another social media bomb with a picture of their Snake Mountain toy from Masters of the Universe.

Screenshot 2019-02-19 06.49.32

Pretty, ain’t it?

What makes this specific item so great isn’t just its glorious aesthetic in and of itself. From what we understand, there will be one major change in this Snake Mountain from its original 80s version. And that is that it will actually be to scale.

You know, with the toys.

Reports show that the original Snake Mountain from Mattel wasn’t to scale with the Masters of the Universe toy line, which meant that your action figures didn’t fit inside of it. But apparently, with Super7 at the helm, this problem has been alleviated.

No specs or specifics have been released by Super7 yet, but Toy Wizards will report back on it when we hear something.

Snake Mountain Pre-Orders open May, 2019.


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