3.75″ Joe: Creating G.I.Joe ®: A Real American Hero™ Vol. 6

A Kickstarter was brought to our attention that aims to shine some love onto the G.I. Joe franchise. G.I. Joe is one of the most recognizable and well known action figure lines in history, yet according to this campaign, there is no full story showing the creation process of the G.I. Joe®: A Real American Hero™ brand that ran from 1982-1994.

According to the information provided by Steel City Publishing, when you pledge toward this Kickstarter, you are supporting:

The release of “3.75 Inch Joe: The Special Forces Team that forged an American Hero” book series, Volume 6! The sixth book in the series, “3.75 Inch Joe: The Special Forces Team that forged an American Hero (Volume 6)” is an 80 page, 9”X10” library of designs and stories ranging from 1982-1994, including some unproduced concepts! This fully colored book will be printed on 100# paper in a Soft Perfect Bind format with a visible spine like a graphic novel. Although there have been many books written about G.I. Joe®, what makes “3.75 Inch Joe: The Special Forces Team that forged an American Hero” series unique is the fact that the information shared within the book comes from exclusive interviews with former employees who worked on the G.I. Joe® brand. Some of the things to expect include:

• The inspiration and influences behind the different figures and vehicles straight from the designers’ point of view…

• Alternate names for figures and vehicles pulled from Larry Hama’s dossiers or from the original concepts themselves…

• Insider stories from former employees ranging from Marketing to Engineering regarding the changes that occurred during the design process…

• Conceptual designs and photographs that will show the progression and different stages of creating a figure or vehicle. This includes concept pencils and inks, sculpture sheets, color studies, color presentation art, models, and much much more!

Full tiers and information can be found in the Kickstarter campaign.

Yo, Joe!


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