Toy Fair 2023: Nacelle Wows In Their Inaugural Toy Fair!

Toy Wizards founder Scott Zillner was on the Power Rangers episode of The Toys That Made Us, so obviously swinging by Nacelle Toys, the toy wing of the media company who produced the series, was a must. The team did not disappoint.

On display was the Leo McKern Number 2 prototype from the second wave of toys for The Prisoner made by Wandering Planet Toys. Nacelle will distribute the toys, a perfect fit given Wandering Planet’s multitalented Gavin Hignight will co-write their Robo Force TV series. As someone who went “All-In” on the Kickstarter for Wave 1 of The Prisoner toys, I cannot wait for these.

Robo Force toys are out now, and have also sold extremely well.

These Robo Force toys are part of an upcoming wave, with Crmgn, a new character created for Nacelle’s show, sold separately.

Speaking of the Nacelleverse, Biker Mice from Mars were literally and figuratively top-sheld toys at the Nacelle Toys booth.

With light-up bikes and articulated action figures, these toys are selling quite well. As one Nacelle rep told me, they’re pre-ordering extremely well all over the world, indicating that Biker Mice… fandom is a global phenomenon.

Nacelle’s Expanse figures are also making for highly anticipated toy releases. Their first figure debuted on the cover of Blake Wright’s ToyCollectr magazine. Of course, these are not the only inhabitants of the Nacelleverse…

The Great Garloo and the Sectaurs are part of Nacelle’s plan for TV content. Of course, Nacelle is also expertly creating toys for licensed properties outside their multiverse.

Nacelle’s Legends of Laughter line is further testament to their ability to create artful renders of human beings.

The detailing on Joan Rivers’ outfit is a stand-out feature.

Beyond these toys, Nacelle has also built a strong base of popular toys of which they are the distributors.

This is Nacelle’s first year at Toy Fair, and it’s safe to say they’ve made quite the splash. They’ve worked hard to network with fans, stores, and creatives to make outstanding toys again and again.

Jonathan Alexandratos is a NYC-based toy writer. They study toys, pop culture, and the intersection of both.

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