Toy Fair 2023: Super7 Will Make You (Broke and) Happy

Walking through the aisles of Toy Fair, you often never know what you’ll see. Beach toys follow dolls, dolls mesh with plush, plush is packed next to collectible statues – it’s all here. So you can imagine why this stopped me in my tracks:

This is Super7’s upcoming 3.75-inch scale Cobra Mothership. The price is “top secret,” but the thing is HUGE. Presumably this will be a crowdfunded effort, as there were lots of unlockable tiers featured with it, such as those Trubble Bubbles you see hovering around the gargantuan vessel.

Super7 has made a name for themselves making the G.I. Joes we always wanted. Their Cobra-in-Disguise three-pack, for example, was an inspired piece that featured Cobra Commander, Destro, and Baroness incognito as an old lady, a construction worker, and a nurse (and they look as if they were fooling no one, though, in ’80s cartoonland, it might have worked). That said, one still does not expect the Cobra Mothership – a seemingly impossible item that would make the flight deck of the Flagg buckle.

That CC riding the ship like it’s the bomb in Dr. Strangelove really does the best job of giving you a sense of scale.

I got the sense more information was on the way for New York Comic Con.

In the mean time, we save our pennies. Because, of course, that’s not the only thing Super7 has to offer.

There is that hyper-accurate Party Wagon from the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles cartoon if you feel like you just have too much money lying around. Retail price is $450, but for all you get, plus Super7’s usual commitment to excellence, it looks worth it.

In the land of TMNT Ultimates, Super7 had some cool prototypes and first shots on view.

Speaking of Ultimates, plenty of fun G.I. Joe units on the way!

Yeah, we’ll be broke in a year, but we’ll be happy, thanks to Super7.

Jonathan Alexandratos is an NYC-based toy writer. They write about toys, pop culture, and the intersection of the two.

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