The Iron Giant Joins the Super7 ReAction Figures World

I ordered one of these before I even finished typing up this article– wow, I am so happy that Super7 finally revealed these. Sure, we saw the listings on BBTS and EE a while ago, but to finally see the finished card art and product directly from Super7 is a total game changer. I can’t wait to have my own Iron Giant and Hogarth ReAction figure in my collection. The film is a cinematic masterpiece and definitely in my top 20 favorite films of all time. Make sure you snag yours today! And if Ultimates are announced– my wallet is doomed.

Official press release via Super7:

“You are who you choose to be.”

With a heart as big as its giant robot, it’s no wonder The Iron Giant is a favorite among fans of all ages. When young Hogarth Hughes finds and befriends a giant robot that falls from the sky, it kicks off a story of discovery, adventure, and redemption that seems both timeless and timely.

The Iron Giant shows us that regardless of our past challenges, with a little help, we can overcome other people’s expectations and our own self-doubt to become better versions of ourselves.

Let The Iron Giant ReAction figures be a tangible little reminder that a bit of kindness for others or even for ourselves can lead to big changes for the better.

Collect the Iron Giant ReAction Figures HERE!

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