SDCC Comic Con G.I. Joe Classified Zartan Master of Disguise Leaked

Just In Toys from Malaysia has the scoop again– this site is well known for getting items out of Asia well before street dates and today they are showing off the newest most-wanted: Zartan Master of Disguise. This deluxe set has a new redeco Zartan and this looks amazing. I like the dark colors Zartan, I really do, but this is just fantastic. More comic book colors with metallic highlights– this kind of makes sense looking at the Hard Master and Soft Master heads that also come with Snake Eyes and Storm Shadow also in comic book colors.

This set is just a full deluxe with multiple disguise heads and accessories. To top that off, the box has a wheel function to display the alternate forms of Zartan that you can make with this set. It is an educated guess this is for SDCC– such a nice box is a dead giveaway. As SDCC is going to be online again this year expect long queues online with Hasbro Pulse and get that Premium membership, it really has its benefits. No idea on the price but assume 30-40 range. You can assume these will start popping up on eBay anytime now . Please just wait for Hasbro Pulse– heck, I just got some of last year’s Cobra Commanders a month ago on the second run so wait it out and don’t pay the “Gotta have it now” prices.

G.I. Joe Classified 31 Contents

Redeco Zartan Figure

Hand gun



Sniper rifle


Quiver of arrows


Hard Master head

Soft master head

Zartan alt head

Storm Shadow Head

Snake Eyes Head

Skull Mask

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