Power Rangers Lightning Collection: What Do We Want Next?

As the next Power Rangers Fan Fest Friday comes close we have to ask– What do we want next? The line has been giving us figures in succession very nicely but we are always wanting more. So let’s talk about what we want next from the Lightning Collection.


Number one is Megazords. For a company that already makes Transformers, where is the giant robot love? We so far have only got parts of Beast Morphers unless you got the Amazon Box set. We got one MMPR Megazord aimed at kids and what I thought was a very nice start to a new line, the Zeo Megazord. Power Rangers Dino Fury is half done already and we still don’t have a Dino Fury Megazord on the shelf. Not to mention a 6 or 7 inch scale line of Megazords would be fantastic.

Role Play Items

1:1 scale Morphers and weapons are a must for any collector. So far we got a couple of nice helmets and one Morpher. Where are the blasters and belt buckets and other Morphing items? Sure MMPR is great but we want more– there are decades of lines now that deserve attention. Time Force and SPD come to mind off hand. The fan base is rabid for more and so far the line is very weak in this arena.

Lighting Collection Figure Line

At this point we are really getting a lot out of the line. However it could still use some work. Villains are finally coming around but still very MMPR heavy. Where are the RPM line, Mystic Force, Samurai heck even Megaforce had some very nice suits.

Bulk and Skull

I have personally been pitching them since the days of Bandai. No two characters of Power Rangers deserve action figures more than Bulk and Skull. Let Hasbro hear our might and give us Bulk and Skull. Let’s just say the last time we got them it was less than spectacular.

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