Tweeterhead The Joker 1/6 Scale Maquette

Tweeterhead Presents the new Joker 1:6 Scale Deluxe Maquette! This absolutely bonkers Joker Deluxe Maquette is packed full of crazy and is gonna put a smile on your face…

The Joker Deluxe Maquette measures close to 20.5” tall when fully assembled – from the bottom of base to the tippy top of the Batman’s cowl on the chair. This fully sculpted polyresin statue comes crammed with a bunch of craziness – Joker sitting atop his personalized throne with a Bat-cowl and cape, armed with his cane and bladed shoe. All nested on a giant pile of money bags, gasoline tanks, bombs, and endless knick-knacks and easter eggs, you’ll probably never stop finding something new to love in this piece.

The “Exclusive Edition” comes with an additional right hand holding a blade and an additional alternate style portrait. With these exclusive parts there are 4 different ways you can display your Joker Maquette!

The “Exclusive Edition” will have a limited Edition Size of 600. “Standard Edition” is TBD.

The Joker Exclusive Edition

Available – First Qtr 2022

Retail – $575.00

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The Joker (Deluxe Edition)

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