Mondo Keldor 1/6 Scale Figure Sold Out

Dont worry if you did know in time, it sold out before you blinked. Mondo’s motto has got to be make it really cool, really expensive, and nowhere near enough for demand. So their stuff always sells out. Seriously only 1000 of this? Come on, man. I am glad I gave up on that line well before the later heartbreak involved. I still wouldn’t say no to a rainbow Merman if you know what I am saying.

Long before he became Skeletor, he was known as Keldor. Once high royalty, the brother of King Randor and uncle to Prince…ADAM! Keldor being angry as future villains are prone to do turned on a his brother and staged an attack on the Hall of Wisdom. Keldor is unsuccessful, and ultimately defeated by King Randor. Having failed, and becoming severely injured from the failed attack, Keldor tries once more to hurt his brother by throwing a vile of acid at him. This, sadly, backfires, and it is Keldor who is disfigured.

Desperate to save his own life, Keldor turns to his mentor Hordak to save him. And in the process, Hordak transforms Keldor into the villain known as Skeletor!

This Keldor Figure showcases both his original appearance and his transformation into Skeletor. Featuring his two famous blades, blasters, a mid-transformation skull, the acid vile that wounded him, and finally, the Alcala Skeletor head. This collectible has a stage for everybody, and is the gruesomely best way to show off Keldor in all his former glory!

Keldor 1/6 Scale Figure



  • Design: Joe Allard
  • Sculpt: Ramirez Studios and Tommy Hodges
  • Paint: Mara Ancheta 
  • Packaging illustration: Florian Bertmer
  • Packaging design: Brent Ashe and Mike Bonanno

Product includes

  • Transformation Skull
  • Alcala Skeletor Head
  • 4 Pairs of hands
  • Two Swords
  • Acid Vile
  • Two Pistols
  • Removable/pose-able cape
  • Base Stand
Edition size1000
MaterialPVC, ABS
Weight4 lbs

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