Transformers War For Cybertron Adds The Ark & More

The third and final season of the Netflix Transformers: War for Cybertron trilogy hits us later this year. That means even more and more incredible Transformers. The War For Cybertron has been one of Hasbro’s most exciting lines yet. The inclusion of Beast Wars the undoubtedly best Transformers Series ever into the WFC has really turned this line up to 11 for me.

Announced days before Hasbro’s Pulse Fan Fest is the Ark. One of the most wanted and unrealized toys of the Transformers Line. The ark finally shows up as a titian class Transformer. Standing at 19 inches tall still smaller than Unicron but a beast in his own right. This may be the first transformer that I break my only robot mode on as I really want the Ark flying over head. The other option more likely I will buy two. That is not even more likely its a definitely.

Available – July 1st

Retail – $149.99

Beast Wars Scorponk is a real treat. This is a very unloved character in the series that has needed a new mold. We got that in spades today. This is so much better that the classic version and shows off the decades of improvements in Transformers tooling.

Available – July 1st

Retail – $22.99

Galvaton shows up with a new mold and partly beat up paint deco. This guy looks a tad off to my eyes but I am still going to buy him. The Nemesis that comes with Galvy is a great in scale add to the Unicorn display we all have going these days.

Available – July 1st

Retail – $49.99

All of these are just the tips of the iceberg leading up to Hasbro’s Fan Fest Friday April 9th at 11am on the official hasbro Youtube channel.

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