100soft Teams Up with Entertainment Earth for the Bad Vibes Exclusive Dumpster Fire Vinyl Toy

Dumpster Fire Bad Vibes Vinyl Figure – Entertainment Earth Exclusive

Entertainment Earth Exclusive! Do you get a bad feeling about this little dumpster fire? Well, don’t concern yourself, because the Bad Vibes Dumpster Fire Vinyl Figure – EE Exclusive is all in fun! Measuring about 3 1/2-inches wide x 3 1/2-inches long x 2 3/4-inches tall, it’s based on the popular Lil Dumpster Fire GIF and pin and features a dark rainbowed-and-black design, with a bright-pink glittered flame. There’s nothing like it, and the only place you can get one is right here.

Order yours right away at Entertainment Earth for $30!

If you’re looking to add some fire to your garbage life, you can still check out Entertainment Earth for all of your Dumpster Fire needs! The original blue vinyl figure is still available, the orange and green pumpkin edition is in stock, the plush toy was just announced, and there are pins and hats galore.

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