Mattel x MADSAKI Announce Masters of the Universe Art & Merchandise Collaboration

Mattel and Japanese contemporary artist MADSAKI announced their latest collaboration inspired by the world of Masters of the Universe.

The collaboration includes limited edition merch – like a 15” collectible Battle Cat sculpture, artist prints, hats and clothing, and a lunch box set – inspired by the artwork from MADSAKI’S legendary “1984” exhibit that ran in fall 2020 at Japan’s Kaikai Kiki Gallery. The exhibit celebrated MADSAKI’S deep love for Masters of the Universe, which started when he moved to the U.S. from Japan as a kid and learned how to speak English and connect to American culture through the original show (see below for more info).

The merch is dropping this Friday, January 29 @ 9am PST on Mattel Creations, Mattel’s global e-commerce and content platform featuring curated items for sale, highlights of past and present creator collaborations, and offers a peek into the creative process. 


Photographer David Chickering

Our team of designers couldn’t wait to see the creative energy MADSAKI would bring to He-Man and Battle Cat. His signature neon colors and spray painted details, combined with a massive presence (15 inches) bring an eccentric and oh-so-collectible edge to this iconic pair.

  • IT’S A TEE-MAN – $40.00

Here’s your chance to wear a MADSAKI masterpiece. This iconic spin on Masters Heroes is front and center on this edgy, but super wearable black T-shirt.


This jacket couldn’t be more awesome or more 80s. Black satin, snap front with a MADSAKI created Masters logo on the back in neon, vivid color. It’s RAD.

  • WEAR THE POWER – $100.00

When you are the ultimate MASTER, you need to look the part. And that means protecting your long locks from the elements. With the MADSAKI-remixed Masters logo on the front and heroic warriors on the back, this hoodie will keep you warm and your hair, powerful.


What’s cooler than a snapback hat? One with MADSAKI’s Masters on it, of course. Filled with attitude and protecting from any shade that comes your way.


Except when he’s on a thermos trapped between a sandwich and the Prince of Eternia. He-Man and his crew will keep your lunch as cool as you’ll look carrying this awesome metal lunchbox.


These unique “true fan” portraits represent MADSAKI’s vision of Eternia and his lifelong love of the story.

  • Show your allegiance to the heroic warriors with this portrayal of Eternia’s duality—complete with spray painted eyes and eerie grins. MADSAKI has created an iconic interpretation of Masters that will compliment any collection.
  • If you prefer hanging on the dark side, then MADSAKI’s vision of the Masters villainous warriors is the one for you. See Skeletor and all his evil minions with streaked eyes and demonic smirks. It’s bound to become THE conversation piece of your MOTU collection. 

Mattel X MADSAKI Debut “1984” Exhibition Celebrating Masters of the Universe® 

New Show Reveals a Series of Paintings and High-Profile Sculptures Inspired by He-Man®, Skeletor® and Other Iconic Masters of the Universe Characters 

Mattel along with Japanese contemporary artist MADSAKI, today announced the debut of a new exhibition at the KaiKai KiKi gallery in Tokyo, titled “1984,” which celebrates the Masters of the Universe. The long-awaited exhibition showcases MADSAKI’s new series of paintings and sculptures based on the iconic Masters of the Universe franchise, from the popular toy line to the classic comic book covers. 

The exhibition, which guides visitors through MADSAKI’s personal journey of trying to fit in as a young Japanese immigrant in America, details how the He-Man and the Masters of the Universe animated series helped the artist learn English and build a bridge to American culture in 1984 when MADSAKI was new to the U.S. The exhibition also has an Orwellian tie, as indicated by the name; it presents language as the unconquerable wall faced by MADSAKI, similar to what the establishment is to personal freedoms in Orwell’s novel, and presents MADSAKI’s hero, He-Man, as the one who helped him break through that wall. 

“He-Man and the Masters of the Universe have held a special place in my heart for a long time,” said MADSAKI. “These characters played a pivotal part in teaching me how to express myself to the world around me, so being able to channel the franchise to tell such a personal story just feels right. Its life coming full circle.” 

“MADSAKI is a special talent in the art world, and I’ve been lucky to see his incredible rise over the past few years up close at KaiKai KiKi,” said legendary Japanese artist and owner of the KaiKai KiKi gallery, Takashi Murakami. “The way he’s able to disentangle the loose ends of his challenging efforts at communication through the use of the same Masters of the Universe characters that helped him overcome such barriers is as genuine as it gets, and I know that it’ll resonate with observers.” 

“Masters of the Universe has inspired fans for more than thirty years with its brand message that encourages each of us to become the best version of ourselves,” said Ricardo Briceno, Vice President of Franchise Marketing at Mattel. “The story and characters have long resonated with the artist community and MADSAKI’s work is the latest example of how this classic franchise can be brought to life and reinterpreted in new and compelling ways.” 

The exhibition is officially open to the public September 11 and will be on display through October 1, 2020. Visitors are encouraged to come see it, while taking special care to reduce COVID-19 infection risks and practicing social distancing protocols. To see more info about the exhibit, please visit

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