Flame Toys Announces G.I. Joe Action Figures in Hito Kara Kuri Line

While not much more information has been announced about Flame Toys’ venture into G.I. Joe action figures, fans of the franchise know this much– the toys are on the way. Flame Toys, once known for its third party Transformers toys, obtained the TF license a few years back and began making licensed products. At first, the Hong Kong based company was making Transformers action figures, but struck a larger fan base with their Furai Model Kits. Today, Flame Toys is making both action figures and model kits. I am a fan of the kits (both Flame Toys and Bandai kits are distributed domestically by Bluefin Brands), though a Flame Toys kit feels nothing like a Bandai kit.

But today, we are talking G.I. Joe! Continuing their working relationship with Hasbro, Flame Toys is showing off the blueprints for a Snake Eyes figure in the Hito Kara Kuri line.

As Toy Wizards readers know (and identify with!) G.I. Joe fans are hungry for products, and the items that brands outside of Hasbro with the Classified Series and Retro Card line have so far been fantastic. Toy Wizards will continue to report on Flame Toys’ new G.I. Joe line as more information becomes available. We also have our eye on Flame Toys for their Hito Kara Kuri Batman announcement, too.

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