G.I. Joe Classified Series Wave Three Box Art Major Bludd

By now, Toy Wizards has posted a few times that Major Bludd will be part of G.I. Joe Classified Series Wave three. We even asked Hasbro directly in the G.I. Joe media roundtable meeting last year. They would not talk about anything not already announced but you could see that glint in their eyes. The box art image via Dorkside Toys gives us what we wanted.

Major Sebastian Bludd– oh man am I happy to see that mercenary’s face. Other bits of importance on the back of the box: wave one and two still show the repaints for Roadblock, Scarlett and now Duke. Also present are Beachead, Cobra Trooper, and Baroness. These were also hinted at rerelease in the media roundup. The Cobra Trooper is already showing up with wave three, which is great.

What we have not got amazingly enough is the Alley Vipers teased from day one. All I can say is please don’t make them exclusives. Having the Cobra Trooper reissue available on BBTS and EE has really made it easy to bulk up the troopers on pre order. Also noted for you eagle eyed viewers the Viper in the art has different colors compared to the Target Cobra Island version could they be hinting on a second release already or just normal art not matching the toys ? We won’t know for a while still. Wave three is coming out soon. More about Wave three in the link below.

Updated G.I. Joe Classified Wave Three With Flint & Lady Jaye

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